Memories of the Ricky-Tick

If you have any memories of the Ricky-Tick that you are willing to share, please use the form here.

Here’s one we’ve already received recently:-

Peter O

I went to the Ricky Tick several times in the early 1960’s. To the Star and Garter, Thames Hotel and other venues.

One evening in late 1962 or early in 1963, we gave a lift to a young lady in a very short miniskirt hitching by the Windsor Road in Slough. It turned out to be Chrissie Shrimpton. She was also going like us to the Rolling Stones gig at the Star and Garter in Peascod street Windsor. She told us she was hoping to meet up with Mick Jagger. It turned out to be a fantastic evening. I think the upstairs room at the Star and Garter could hold about 70 people and it was rammed full. The Stones played mainly Chuck Berry numbers and the floor was vibrating to the point where I thought it would collapse. Their equipment was pretty primitive the amps were old valve ones, which you could see glowing in the dark. They still had Stu on piano in those days. Chrissie got her man and I recall seeing her and Mick in a very close clinch in the alleyway next to the Pub during a break.

Some time later I saw the Stones with my brother at the Thames Hotel. We had a chat with Bill Wyman, who told us about the deal they had recently done with Decca. Their gear had gone up a notch, they were now sporting brand new Vox amplifiers. The next time I saw them was in Birmingham Odeon, New Street. They were a supporting group for the Everly Brothers, Little Richard, Bo Diddley Tour. “Come on” had just been released and the Stones were on the way to major stardom.

An interview with John Mansfield – and some memories

Back in 2006 when John Mansfield had started to write his book he was interviewed by Linda Serck of Radio Berkshire. An article about that interview together with some comments and memories that were submitted afterwards can still be found in the BBC archives here .